Jiaqi Kang

is a Sino-Swiss editor, writer, and art historian. She is the founding Editor-in-Chief of Sine Theta Magazine, an international, print-based creative arts publication made by and for the Sino diaspora. She reads History of Art at Oxford University, where she edited The Isis Magazine in her first year.


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The Buddha's Fist | Jellyfish Review Just Like the River special issue, forthcomingFujiyama, 2088 | perhappened, 09.2020

Illustrator, photographer | sinθ, 03-2016 - PresentBlogger for Sino Arts | sinθ, 2016 - 2019Assistant Director (Theatre; devised) | My mother runs in zig-zags @ The North Wall (Oxford, U.K.), 02.2019 - 06.2019Director, DP, editor | 写真:浓与淡 / STUDY: NOW AND THEN (24m), 12.2015 - 01.2016


03.2016 - Present
Sine Theta Magazine
Founding Editor-in-Chief

11.2017 - 06.2018
The Isis Magazine
Editor w/ Emily Lawford: Trinity Term 2018
Creative Director w/ Alex Christian: Hilary Term 2018
Non-Fiction Editing Masterclass Leader: Michaelmas Term 2019

06.2018 - 12.2018
Common Ground Journal
Sub-editor and designer: Michaelmas Term 2018

10.2018 - 06.2019
Duncan Grant: Queering the Classical Nude
Curator w/ George Wilson; catalogue essay
Kendrew Barn, St. John's College, Oxford.

Selected works edited:
Respectfully, Sheryl, it is fucking exhausting, poetry by Joshua Ip, edited w/ Stephanie Chang | sinθ #16, 08.2020Eternal Ones, fiction by Tina Sang | sinθ #15, 04.2020June, fiction by Amelia Chen, edited w/ Joyce Lu | sinθ #15, 04.2020Bust, personal essay by Lily Amelia Susman | sinθ #13, 11.2019Gallery Art, personal essay by Kevin Robert Fong | sinθ #13, 11.2019Black Umbrellas, fiction by K. K. Mai | sinθ #13, 11.2019xinyao, non-fiction (Culture) by Claire Soh, edited w/ Yue Chen | sinθ #12, 08.2019 Yuan, fiction by Dorothy Cheng | sinθ #12, 08.2019Gatekeeper, personal essay by Claire Doran | sinθ #11, 05.2019Harmless Harvest, personal essay by Patricia Kelly Tan Yeo | sinθ #11, 05.2019A Conversation with Zhang Jian Jun, profile by Jessica Ho and Yue Chen | sinθ #11, 05.2019An intimacy of perhaps knowing you, personal essay by Suan Quah | sinθ #11, 05.2019Wing on Wo & Co., profile by Lis Chi Siegel | sinθ #11, 05.2019A vocation of idleness, personal essay by Lauren Lee, edited w/ Yue Chen | sinθ #10, 02.2019Conversation with He Dong, profile by Michelle Huang | sinθ #10, 02.2019If: You Can't Sleep, fiction by Lio Min, edited w/ Li Yu and Michelle Huang | sinθ #10, 02.2019The Cost of Tourism, non-fiction (Politics) by Ed Audland | Common Ground Journal #2, 01.2019Recycling the Anthropocene, non-fiction (Politics) by Harry Holmes | Common Ground Journal #2, 01.2019Eating with Chef Sin, profile by Lis Chi Siegel | sinθ #5, 01.2018A Thousand Dreams of Leslie, non-fiction (Culture) by Chelsea Shieh | sinθ #4, 04.2017


Art history research interests: modern art; modernism; vernacular, popular/commercial, & print culture; queer & gender theory; cross-cultural encounters and (mis)communication; diaspora and hybridity; post- and decoloniality; ecocriticism; interdisciplinary work; afro-asia; empire; indigenous subjectivity; anything else interesting & cool.

Wadham College, University of Oxford
MSt History of Art and Visual Culture, 2020 - 2021
Wadham Cliff Davies Scholarship in History, 2020 - 2021
Dissertation: TBD | supervised by Geoffrey Batchen

St. Catherine's College, University of Oxford
BA History of Art, 2017 - 2020, First Class
Distinction in First Public Examinations, 2018College Scholarship, 2018 - 2019, 2019 - 2020Katritzky Prize in the History of Art, 2019Gibbs Prize in the History of Art for best average finals performance, 2020
Dissertation: "Horrible and Terrifying Deeds": André Derain's Pantagruel woodcuts | supervised by Alastair Wright
To be presented at PERLEGO conference, October 2020
Laidlaw Scholar | Oxford University Careers Service, 2019

Krasis Scholar | Ashmolean Museum, Trinity Term 2019

Presentation: Michelangelo the Decorator | Catz Exchange conference, February 2018


jiaqi.kang at history.ox.ac.uk